The School District of
Palm Beach County

Below is an image with a link to a new Microsoft Power BI dashboard based on aggregated information from the state School Grade files that allows various views of the data filtered by school, region, school board district as well as gender, school level and race/ethnicity. At the bottom of the dashboard is an area for the official school grade which will only populate when a single school is selected and only if that school received a grade. If none of the filters are selected, the data represent the District performance, however there may be rounding differences. Note that as you select a region, district, grade level, school type or race/ethnic group the list of schools will adjust to include only schools that exist in that group. For example, if you select “Yes” in the Charter School filter only Charters will show in the school list. “NA” will appear in the results if there are no data for that cell, year, or if a school grade component does not apply. Please note this is an estimator tool and calculated results may not reflect the official release from FDOE. For official results please go to: