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A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) was performed at every facility.  The purpose of the FCA was to identify each facility’s most critical deferred maintenance categories. Deferred maintenance includes major preventive maintenance, building system repairs and upgrades, and other maintenance activities that have been postponed due to funding shortages. Use the search feature above to find more about your school or facility. > Read The Facility Condition Assessment Report  


Classroom technology updates are needed to offer students digitally-rich, personalized learning environments, as well as replace existing devices. Infrastructure needs to be updated to accommodate new instructional options, increased use of wireless technology and the rise of student-owned devices. Classroom Technology (Infrastructure only; individual school costs totaling $100,080,000 are listed at each school in the search above) Back End infrastructure ($11,000,000) School Network Routers & Switches ($11,800,000) School & District Servers ($3,000,000) School Phone Systems & PBX ($6,000,000) Wireless Infrastructure ($2,000,000)


There is no higher priority than student safety. Creating a safe environment for students and staff is essential to the teaching and learning process. The reduction to capital funding has placed added pressure on the process of maintaining and improving security. The District needs additional funding to bolster campus security through the installation of additional alarms, video surveillance, car and school radios, facility hardening measures, and other security systems.


The following school bus and support vehicle needs have been identified: School buses ($90,976,000) School Police and security fleet vehicles ($8,000,000) Maintenance & Plant Operations white fleet vehicles ($4,000,000)

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