Page 4 - Technology Plan for School Years 2017 to 2021
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What's Great About Palm Beach County Schools?

                     Top-performing urban School District in Florida
                     A-Rated School District

                     10th largest District in the nation
                     193,000 Students
                     2.9 Billion budget
                     12,900 Classroom teachers
                     $41,000 Starting teacher salary
                     22,340 Total employees
                     90% Graduation rate in District operated schools
                     197 Different countries and territories of birth
                     146 Languages spoken
                     District Schools offer instruction in several languages such as: Chinese, French,
                       Italian, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, & American Sign Language

                     312 Award winning programs in the areas of career academies
                     915 Buses
                     65% A & B Rated schools
                     31 Million meals served 2016-2017
                     Transport 60,000 students daily covering approximately 13 million miles per year
                     Programs are offered through our Palm Beach Virtual School and at 28 Adult and
                       Community Education sites, including our Adult Education Center and 8 satellite

               School District Vision Statement
               The School District of Palm Beach County envisions a dynamic collaborative multicultural
               community where education and lifelong learning are valued and supported, and all learners
               reach their highest potential and succeed in the global economy.

               School District Mission Statement
               The School District of Palm Beach County is committed to providing a world-class education
               with excellence and equity to empower each student to reach his or her highest potential
               with the most effective staff to foster the knowledge, skills, and ethics required for
               responsible citizenship and productive careers.

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