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A Message to Students and Parents from

                                  Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D., Superintendent

                                                   It is with great pride that I welcome you to the new

                                                   school  year!  As  a  District,  we  are  committed  to
                                                   creating  and  providing  a  school  climate  where
                                                   students  and  staff  feel  safe  in  an  atmosphere  of
                                                   mutual caring, respect, and responsibility.

                                                   The purpose of the Student and Family Handbook is to
                                                   communicate  the  expectations,  policies,  procedures

                                                   and practices for the school year for all of our students
                                                   and their families. The faculty and administration at
                                                   each  of  our  schools  strive  to  provide  the  best
            educational opportunities that will contribute to all students’ social emotional growth and
            academic achievement.

            We are a high-performing school district ranking among the best in the nation, and we
            are an A-rated school district in the state of Florida. Our teachers, school employees, and

            volunteers have been recognized at the state and national level for their excellence.  Our
            students regularly win awards and scholarships, and they go on to prestigious colleges
            and fulfilling careers.

            With each new school year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. I encourage you to
            make the most of this year and set yourself on a path to realize your dreams by putting
            in the hard work today that will serve as the foundation for success for your future.


            Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D.

            Donald E. Fennoy II, Ed.D.

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