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            School Board Policy 1.015 (Parental/Family Involvement) creates a collaborative environment in which the parents
            and families of our students are invited and encouraged to be involved. The School Board recognizes the vital role
            parents and family play in the education, welfare, and values of its students, and that the education of each
            student is a responsibility shared by the school, the student’s parents and family members. Furthermore, the
            School Board encourages the regular participation by parents of all children to ensure a strong home-school
            partnership, promote and increase effective, well-structured, and comprehensive parental/family involvement
            practices. This Policy incorporates the requirements under Section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Act. A
            copy of the complete Parental/Family Involvement Policy can be obtained at your child’s school.

                                               Parental Involvement Checklist

            The District recognizes that parental/family involvement is a factor necessary to improve student achievement.
            Therefore, in accordance with P-1.015 and F.S. § 1001.42 (17)(d), the checklist below is designed to help you
            participate in activities that promote high student achievement. Having high expectations of your child(ren) and
            actively  participating  in  their  education,  will  increase  the  likelihood  that  they  will  meet  and/or exceed state
            standards and be college and career ready.

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