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Elementary Report Card Distribution                  Secondary Report Card Distribution

             1  Trimester        November 6, 2023           1  Quarter                October 20, 2023
             2  Trimester         February 22, 2024         2  Quarter                 January 17, 2024
             3  Trimester           May 30, 2024            3  Quarter                   April 1, 2024
                                                            4  Quarter                      TBD

                                      RULES AND REGULATIONS OF OPERATION
                                       For Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

        We have public schools because American citizens believe that every person has the right to an education. Florida has
        laws to make sure that children can and do attend school. In Florida, children between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16)
        must attend school. Local counties must provide free public schools for them to attend. Those schools must provide a
        safe, friendly, and business-like place to learn. This Handbook addresses different rights and responsibilities of students
        in our schools. These rules and regulations apply whenever a student is participating in a school function or school-related
        activity, including Distance Learning.   Rules regarding those rights and responsibilities are also included. Wherever
        student responsibilities are described, it  is understood that parent(s) jointly  share those responsibilities with their
        children. In almost every section of this Handbook, numbers appear in parentheses. These numbers are Florida Statutes
        (F.S. statute number), School Board Policies (P-policy number), Florida Administrative Code Rule (FAC-rule number) or
        State Board of Education Rules (SBER-rule number). Throughout the Handbook, when the word “parent(s)” is used, it
        means "either or both parents of a student, any guardian of a student, any person in a parental relationship to a student,
        or any person exercising supervisory authority over a student in place of the parent”. F.S. § 1000.21 (5) All School Board
        Policies are available at: School Board Policies.

                                         INFORMATION YOU SHOULD KNOW

        The District’s Student Progression Plans (SPPs) are available at your school for your review. The SPPs describe the School
        District’s strategy for student progression from the time of entry into the District until graduation, and many of its
        provisions are based on federal and Florida Law and State Board of Education rules. The Plans are used to set student
        performance standards in relation to student promotion, retention, and remediation. Also included in the SPPs are
        District entry and attendance requirements, educational program descriptions, guidelines for assessing and reporting
        student progress, and requirements for graduation. You  can find  valuable  information on the  District’s  website:  In addition, the following websites provide important school information:

               ●  Student Code of Conduct
               ●  School Public Accountability Report
               ●  School Grades
               ●  School Improvement Plan

        A complete list of Palm Beach County Schools and principals can be found on the District’s website  under the Schools tab.
        The Student and Family Handbook can be found online on the District’s website under the Students & Parents tab/Student
        & Parent Resources/ Policies/Procedures tab: Student and Family Handbook.

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