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Created a home environment that had a quiet, well-lit place to support my
             child’s learning (E)

             Made sure my child had materials needed at home (pencils, paper,
             dictionary, etc.) to support learning (E)

             Made sure my child was organized by using a planner or other online tool
             to help them stay on track (M/H)

             Read with my child or made sure my child read independently for at least
             20 minutes (E/M)

             Engaged in an educational activity/game, or conversation with my child to
             support student learning (All)

             Connected learning to real life by engaging in anytime, anywhere learning
             (grocery store, in car, at the park, bank, watching the news, etc.) (All)

             Visited library or museum, and/or zoo, historical site, etc., in person or
             through a virtual tour (All)

             Had conversations with my child about what they did in school, what was
             learned, and their interactions with friends (All)

             Encouraged my child to get involved in extracurricular activities (M/H), and
             to volunteer (H)

             Had my child take career assessments (M/H)

             Talked with my child about how to have positive social interactions with
             others Bullying Awareness, Prevention, and Resources  (All)

             Shared expectations with my child along with the risks of unsafe behaviors
             like drinking, drugs, sex, etc. (M/H)

             Taught my child about ways of speaking up for him/herself without
             becoming aggressive Bullying Awareness, Prevention, and Resources (All)

             Discussed the appropriate use of technology and the potential
             consequences of misuses – P-8.123 (All)

             Monitored my child’s use of technology and the internet, including privacy
             settings on social media accounts (All)

             Gave praise to my child and/or rewarded my child for hard work,
             resilience, or grit.  Celebrated success! (All)

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