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Make a check mark each time you do the following with the school:       1      2      3       4

             Maintained two-way communication with my child’s teacher(s) by
             checking the backpack, daily agenda, and/or SIS Gateway, etc. (All)

             Communicated with school on a regular basis about how my child is doing
             academically (communication logs, notebooks, phone calls, emails, etc.)

             Participated in a parent-teacher conference to learn about my child’s
             progress and made decisions about my child’s well-being and education
             (E/M) or to learn about my child’s progress, goals, expectations, how to
             support my child’s college-career readiness, and to make decisions about
             my child’s well-being and education (H)

             Worked with my child’s teacher(s) to learn about academic expectations,
             goals, and how I can support my child at home (E/M)

             Met with school counselor by phone, in person, or virtually to discuss
             college-career plans, college-career resumes/applications, due dates,
             college tours (visit colleges or virtual tours), college-career fairs, financial
             aid, scholarships, federal work study, post-secondary options,
             apprenticeships, etc. (H)

             Reviewed my child’s progress regularly through the report card, mid-term
             reports, assessment results, or SIS Gateway (All)

             Discussed classes/courses and GPA my child needed for college-career
             readiness with my child (M/H)

             Attended a meeting at school or the District to participate in decision-
             making regarding my child’s education {Parent Teacher Association (PTA),
             Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), School Advisory Council (SAC), Parent
             Leadership Council (PLC), or District Parent Advisory Council} (All)

             Attended parent trainings at school to learn about tools, programs, or
             strategies I can use at home to support my child’s learning at home (E/M);
             or college-career readiness (H)

             Volunteered in my child’s school or classroom, at the school, or for athletic
             or extracurricular events (All)

                                               TOTAL NUMBER OF INTERACTIONS:

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