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●  Display of State Motto: In 2018, the Florida legislature enacted a new law requiring all schools to display the
                   State motto “In God We Trust” in a conspicuous place. In accordance with this law, the State motto will be
                   displayed in a conspicuous place in every school.
               ●  SIS Gateway:  The SIS Gateway provides parents and students  with timely access to individual student
                   schedules, assignments, assessment reports, attendance, and much more. Parents and students in secondary
                   schools will be able to see real-time grades and assignments.  The SIS Gateway allows parents and students
                   the ability to easily email teachers through this system.  Students have access to the SIS Gateway via the icon
                   available  on  the  District’s  student portal.   Parents  must register for  their SIS Gateway account with an
                   activation code provided by the school.  Parents are encouraged to contact their school to request SIS
                   Gateway assistance.

                                         PARENT AND FAMILY ENGAGEMENT

        School Board  P-1.015  (Parental Involvement) outlines the School Board’s commitment to  creating  a collaborative
        environment in which the parents and families of our students are welcomed, affirmed, and encouraged to be involved
        in the education of their child. The School Board recognizes the vital role parents and families play in the education,
        welfare, and values of its students and believes the education of each student is a responsibility shared by the school,
        the student’s parents, and family members. To ensure a strong home-school partnership, the School Board encourages
        the active participation of families  and has set high expectations for each school to  nurture  positive family-school
        partnerships that impact and support the academic achievement and social-emotional well-being of students.

                                           Parent and Family Engagement Checklists

        In accordance with P-1.015 and F.S. § 1001.42 (17)(d), the following checklists are designed to help families participate
        in activities that promote the social and academic development of students.  Having high expectations of your child(ren)
        and actively participating in their education, will increase the likelihood that they will meet and/or exceed state standards
        and will be college and career ready.

                  Make a check mark each time you do the following at home:          1      2      3       4

             Set high expectations for my child (All)

             Made sure my child attended school every day and on time. Attendance
             matters! (All)

             Made sure my child had a healthy breakfast at home or at school (E/M);
             Encouraged my child to have a healthy breakfast at home or at school (H)

             Had conversations with my child about the importance of school,
             attendance, and habits that support success.  Education is important! (All)

             Encouraged my child to be an engaged learner by completing schoolwork
             and homework (All)

             Helped my child manage their time by establishing a routine or schedule
             after school (homework, friends and their families, clubs, sports, free time
             – computer/video games, bedtime, etc.) (All)

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