Page 10 - Technology Plan for School Years 2017 to 2021
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Executive Summary

               Academic Growth and Success Through Technology

               In planning for the future, it’s helpful to review the past in order to gauge progress,
               successes, and find areas for improvement. Our previous technology plan covering 2014-
               2016, anticipated and helped to prepare for the ever-increasing role technology plays in
               providing tools for learning and success for our students.

               The new five-year Technology Plan, covering 2016-2021, seeks to build and expand upon
               previous plans by continuing to implement, leverage, and maintain technology solutions that
               align with the FLDOE 2014-2019 Technology Plan and help achieve the goals of the
               District’s overall 5-year Strategic Plan.

               The theme for the 2016-2021 Technology Plan, “Academic Growth and Success through
               Technology,” places the focus squarely on providing technology tools and systems to help
               educators improve student achievement and preparedness for the global economy. The
               2016 National Educational Technology Plan describes “Engaging and Empowering Learning
               through Technology” with the stated goal “All learners will have engaging and empowering
               learning in both formal and informal settings that prepares them to be active, creative,
               knowledgeable and ethical participants in our globally connected society.” Achieving that
               goal requires the coordination of technology with academic initiatives to ensure that schools
               are “Future Ready,” help bridge the digital divide, provide personalized learning, and support
               technology-based assessment.

               Initiatives like the Digital Classroom and state-required online-only testing have led to a
               substantial increase in the number of classroom and lab computers in recent years, which in
               turn, necessitates increased network and Internet bandwidth. Providing secure, stable,
               robust, and redundant Internet, network and server connectivity is critical to providing the
               foundation for all of our classroom, testing and online technology initiatives. The organically
               interconnected nature of these technologies means that the underlying infrastructure has
               become a critical component to the overall learning experience. This is reflected in the
               current technology plan as we continue to invest in expanding the capacity, availability and
               redundancy of network, Internet, and application platforms.

               The increasing use, influence, and pervasiveness of social media platforms provides both a
               challenge and an opportunity. The challenge lies in providing safe, secure, and appropriate
               access while maintaining the opportunity for increased communication, engagement, and
               collaboration with students, parents, and the community.

               Progress can be measured by setting realistic, attainable goals, and monitoring how close
               we are to reaching them. Analyzing data and establishing metrics for measuring

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