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      Applying online is the most efficient way to submit and
      manage your child’s application. Using the parent dashboard,    Application Deadlines
      your online account will allow you to track the status of your
      application. Applying online gives you priority access to the
      lottery results. Prior to applying for a Choice program, we
      encourage you to attend the Open House for each Choice
      program to which you intend to apply. Please contact the                December 18, 2020
      school for Open House information.                                    Bak Middle School of the Arts
                                                                                   (all programs)
      How to Apply
      1.  Go to on your computer, tablet,      The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach
          or smartphone                                                (Music–Band and Music–Orchestral Strings
                                                                                   (grades 6–8)
      2.  Click “Apply Now”                                               A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts
                                                                                   (all programs)
      3.  Create your Parent/Guardian Account* with a user ID and
          password that is easy to remember                          Boynton Beach Community High School Arts
          User ID:                                                 (Dance, Digital Media, Music—Band, Music—Vocal,
                                                                              Theatre, and Visual Arts)
          Password:                                                       West Boca Raton Community High
                                                                              (Performing Arts program)
      *If you already have a username and password from last school
      year, you must enter that information to access your account.

      Paper Application                                                        January 29, 2021
      A paper application will be accepted if access to the online
                                                                     All other Choice Programs not listed above
      application is limited. The paper application must be submitted
      during published application deadlines.

      The students' address must be updated at his/her current
                                                                        Scan this QR code to add the icon to the
      A separate application must be submitted for each child             home screen of your mobile device.
      applying for a Choice program.
      Remember to “Submit” your application or it will not be
      considered in the Choice lottery. Your application status can be
      viewed on the parent dashboard upon login.


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