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         Application Address & Residency                        a parent account; only one username and password may be used
         The student’s address as identified in the district’s student information   per  student  account.  It  is  recommended  that  parents/guardians
         system (SIS), must be current and must match the address of the   share this information with the student’s other legal parent/guardian;
         parent/guardian at the time of application submission. If the student’s   the Choice department staff cannot provide access or information
         residency has recently changed, the address must be updated at the   to non-custodial parents. For the safety of the student, department
         student’s current Palm Beach County School District school prior   staff will not provide application access or student information to
         to the submission of an application. Changes to address after the   divorced/separated/non-custodial parents who are unaware of their
         application and/or lottery process may affect the application status   child's application status without legal documentation to do so.
         or Choice assignment.
                                                                Applications  are  not  complete  until  you  receive  a  confirmation
         The parent and student must be full–time Palm Beach County   number. E-mail. An email is also sent to the address on record.
         residents at the time of application submission. Non–Palm Beach   Please add "" to your email contact
         County residents are ineligible to apply for a Choice program unless   list to ensure you receive all communications regarding your child's
         the parent or guardian are full–time employees of the School District   application. If you are not receiving communications regarding
         of Palm Beach County.                                  your child's application, be sure to check your "Spam/Junk" folder.
                                                                You may also check your parent portal for the current application
         Divorced/Separated Parents                             submission status and updates.
         The address of the primary custodial parent will be used to determine   Paper Application: A paper application will be accepted if access
         residency for purposes of applying for a Choice program. The   to the online application is limited. The paper application can be
         address reflected in SIS will be the address considered for the Choice   found on the district website at during published application times.
         application.                                           The paper application must be submitted during published
                                                                application deadlines.
         Change of Address after Application Submission
            · If the address of the applicant changes after application
           submission,  an  e–mail  notification  will  be  sent  to  review  their   The following schools require auditions to determine eligibility:
           choices based on the student’s new address.          Bak Middle School of the Arts (all programs), The Conservatory
            ·  Applications that are not updated after an address has changed   School @ North Palm Beach (grades 6–8), A.W. Dreyfoos School of
           will automatically become ineligible for the Choice lottery.  the Arts (all programs), Boynton Beach Community High School Arts
            · Address  changes due to  relocation  are not allowed  after the   programs, and West Boca Raton Community High—Performing Arts
           published application deadlines.                     program.
            · Failure to update an address after a move takes place, may result
           in a revocation of a Choice assignment.              Applicants will be scheduled for an audition by the individual Arts
            · Applicants who move out of Palm Beach County at any time   school. Applicants will be notified via e–mail and/or U.S. Mail of the
           before, during or after the lottery application and/or assignment   audition procedures and/or the time and date of student audition
           process  will  have  their  application  marked  ineligible  and/or  or
           seat assignment revoked due to a move out of the county.    · The Audition procedures for each school will be published,
            · Applicants assigned to a Choice program as an in–boundary   annually, by each school requiring auditions. These guidelines will
           student who relocate prior to the first day of the school year will   identify the platform for student auditions for that current year.
           be  removed  from  the  in–boundary  assigned  list  and  placed  in     · Unless otherwise instructed, students must be physically present
           an out–of–boundary wait pool. If a seat becomes available, the   for an audition. If a child is ill on the date of the audition, that
           student may be assigned as an out–of–boundary applicant.   student may be considered for a new audition date and time
            · An in–boundary student who has been enrolled in a Choice   upon receipt of a medical doctor’s written verification of illness.
           program (Elementary students —at least three years; Secondary   This verification must be submitted to the appropriate Arts school
           students—at least two years) may remain in the program as an Out   within three (3) school days of the student’s scheduled audition. A
           of Boundary student (OOB) upon relocation, if there are available   new audition date and time will be selected by the school only if
           seats, the school’s principal approves, and the student continues   there are more audition dates available.
           to abide by the terms of the Choice Program contract. Proof of     · It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the audition
           move date must be submitted and verified by the Department of   school  of  a  currently  active  or  pending  IEP  or  504  plan  at  the
           Choice and Career Options.                              audition registration and/or on the audition date(s).
            · A student who is enrolled in an In–house program is not eligible     · Higher audition eligibility scores are required for ascending grade
           to remain in the program if he/she relocates outside of the school   levels at Bak Middle School of the Arts, The Conservatory School
           zone.                                                   @ North Palm Beach, A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Boynton
                                                                   Beach Community High School Arts Programs, and West Boca
         Application Options for Submission                        Raton Performing Arts program. Contact the individual school for
         Online: The Choice program application is available online at www.  more information. during published application window dates.
         Prior to submitting an application, the parent/guardian must create

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