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        About Choice Programs                                   Application Deadlines for SY 2021–2022
        To learn more about the Choice programs available in Palm Beach   December  18,  2020*:  Application deadline if either of the two
        County:                                                 choices is one of the following Arts schools:
           · Visit the Department of Choice and Career Options website at     · Bak Middle School of the Arts (all programs)
                  · The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach—Music—Band
           · Explore the Choice options and submit your application at  and Music—Orchestral Strings (grades 6–8)
                                    · A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts (all programs)
           · Explore all programs at the annual Showcase of Schools at      · Boynton Beach Community High School Arts programs (Dance,
                        Digital Media, Music—Band, Music—Vocal, Theatre, and Visual
           · View school websites and attend their Open House      Arts)
           · Email questions to    · West Boca Raton Community High School—Performing Arts
           · For detailed information regarding the Choice process, visit
               January 29, 2021*: Application deadline for all Choice programs
                                                                other than the Arts programs listed above. Late applications will
        Choice and Career Academy Programs                      be accepted after January 29, 2021; however, they will not be
        Families with students entering Pre–Kindergarten through Grade   included in the March 2021 Choice lottery and will be entered
        12 have the opportunity to choose from an array of theme–based   after all applicants in the wait pool have been assigned.
        curricula offerings at the elementary, middle, and high school
        levels that provide innovative and rigorous academic instruction by   *The Choice application deadline date(s) may be subject to change as
        specially trained teachers. Students may apply for one or two Choice   a result of unforeseen conditions including, but not limited to:  District/
        or Career Academy programs with available space. Selection for   school closings, delay in school district daily operations, changes in
        placement is made in the spring of each year via a lottery process.   school calendar, holidays, testing, etc. Updated deadline dates will be
        Transportation is provided only for designated transportation zones.   published.
        These programs provide students with a pathway to postsecondary
        education and careers.                                  Application Options for Choice and
                                                                In–House Programs
        Choice Programs
        Choice programs include the K–12 Arts continuum, K–12 International   In-House Programs
        Baccalaureate  continuum,  K–12  Dual  Language  continuum,   Programs designated as "In–House" are available only to students
        elementary and secondary Cambridge Academy programs, STEM   who are zoned to attend the school with that program. Applications
        (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs at all   to In–House programs are highly encouraged because they increase
        levels, elementary Montessori, STEAM (STEM + Arts), Environmental   the probability of student assignment to the program. Students who
        and Animal Science, and Health and Wellness programs.   are assigned to an in-house program may not continue if they move
                                                                out of the attendance zone.
        Career Academy Programs—Preparation for
        Targeted Industries                                     Choice Programs
        As you work with your child on making the best educational choices   Programs designated as "Choice" are available to all students,
        and career planning, please visit and utilize   regardless of attendance zone. If the student is applying for a Choice
        the interest inventories available. My CareerShines is a free career   program that is offered at his/her zoned school, the zoned school
        and education planning tool that will assist your student  in choosing   program may be listed as the first choice. Students who are assigned
        an educational pathway that aligns with their career of choice.  Please   to a Choice program as an in-boundary student may not continue if
        have your student log on and take advantage of the services that   they move out of the attendance zone.
        MyCareerShines has available for them.
        Targeted Industries
        The Palm Beach County School District is preparing students for
        careers in a variety of targeted sectors as aligned with the county's
        economic development and workforce needs.  As your student plans
        their career path, they may wish to consider programs in targeted
        industries such as Aviation/Aerospace/Engineering, Information
        Technology/Telecommunications, and Healthcare. All of these areas
        offer a multitude of career opportunity for high–skill, high–wage

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