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The 2015 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
Wellness Champions – Healthy School/Well Workplace Awards

On behalf of PNC Bank, SunTrust Bank and Horace Mann, we were pleased to award Wellness Champions the Healthy School/Well Workplace sponsorship of $250 to support their programs and recognize their outstanding achievement and leadership in creating a healthy school environment. Prior to each of the five Wellness Promotion Policy Task Force Meetings, Wellness Champions submitted applications for this exciting opportunity to apply for a wellness budget for their Wellness Champion Programs. The following Wellness Champions are making a great impact by the programs they have created and/or implemented.

October 2014
  • default_titleJennifer Magrath-Singer, Conniston Middle
    Kick Start the Holidays – This event will educate and motivate staff and students to encourage them to lead healthy lifestyles. The health fair event will include guest speakers, healthy recipes, and a choreographed kickboxing routine for students and staff.
  • default_titleNancy Villarreal, IT Department
    Walking Path – This sponsorship will support this department to create a more accessible walking path for employees. As we know, walking decreases stress and increases productivity. Being more active during the day will motivate and inspire employees to participate in more fitness activities like 5K walk/runs.
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December 2014
  • default_titleUlrike “Gabby” Vernachio, South Olive Elementary
    The sponsorship will support South Olive Elementary School’s “Running Club” where staff and students will participate in physical activities that will deepen their knowledge of health and fitness throughout life as well as prepare them to participate in the South Florida Fair Kid’s Mile.
  • default_titleRobin Raye, Hope-Centennial Elementary
    This sponsorship will support Hope-Centennial Elementary’s “Wellness Bucks” a program to entice staff members to participate in on campus wellness initiatives where staff members will earn wellness bucks for participation. Wellness Bucks can then be used to purchase items from the wellness store which will be stocked with healthy incentives.
  • default_titleKristal LaCue-Patterson, Odyssey Middle
    To support Odyssey Middle School’s “Biggest Loser” a program to motivate staff to maintain a healthy weight and incorporate exercise into their daily lives. The ongoing health programs provided will offer a sense of camaraderie as well as boost overall health and confidence.
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February 2015:
  • default_titleJeremy Vencel, Hidden Oaks Elementary
    This sponsorship will support Hidden Oaks “Healthy Snack Shop,” where teachers can take healthy snacks for themselves and for students in their classrooms who cannot afford to bring snacks to school. Colored posters will be hung with “I can” sayings followed by a wellness goal about eating healthier. The objective is to gain written commitment of all staff in pursuing healthier choices in lieu of higher sugar and processed foods.
  • default_titleKanishia Mortin, Grove Park Elementary
    This sponsorship will support Grove Park’s “Biggest Loser” 8 week commitment to eating healthier, getting fit and staying well. Each participant will receive a welcome packet filled with tips about making healthier food choices, a food journal and healthy recipes. The funds will also be used towards incentives and any fees charged to provide a healthy cooking session.
  • default_titleSharon Patelsky, Everglades Elementary
    This sponsorship will support FoodPlay, an Emmy Award-winning school assembly program that tours the nation’s schools using the power of live theater and interactive resources to turn kids on to healthy eating and active lifestyles. FoodPlay will be performing at Everglades Elementary on February 26th . In addition to the show, FoodPlay offers a curriculum pack that is age based and offered to teachers to be used in their classrooms. These funds will go towards the curriculum to help staff teach health and wellness in a fun and exciting way.
  • default_titleStephanie Wagner, Afterschool Programming
    This program will support the 2nd Annual “Oh, the Ways We Can Play!” interactive professional development field day and wellness event. The purpose is to teach appropriate physical activities to the District elementary afterschool employees through hands-on activities and provide a healthy team building experience. These funds will help to purchase materials and supplies for the games played throughout the event and to purchase prizes for winning teams, as several contests will be held.
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April 2015:
  • default_titleDanielle Symanski, Palm Beach Public
    This sponsorship will help expose employees at Palm Beach Public to healthy nutritious foods through the use of blended juice drinks. Staff will be able to taste test blended drinks made with fruits and/or vegetables, then choose one in full size to enjoy. The recipes will be provided to all to promote use at home.
  • default_titleStephen Nye, Washington Elementary
    This sponsorship will support Washington’s monthly school wellness walks including students, parents and teachers. Each walk will have a wellness theme and the funds will help to purchase pedometers for all participants and information on the importance of walking and other low cost forms of exercise. Wellness concepts will be reinforced through a wellness school newsletter.
  • default_titleMarcela Mendoza, Sunrise Park Elementary
    This sponsorship will support Sunrise Park’s Family Fun Run. Their running club is comprised of 70 students who have been participating in local races throughout the year. Now, they would like to host their own event where parents and their kids can race together without having to worry about registration fees or transportation. Funds will help purchase ribbons and medals for the winners while the remaining funds will go towards future races for kids who are not able to participate because of money.
  • default_titleBonnie Rawlins, Galaxy E3 Elementary
    This sponsorship will help move Galaxy’s Garden to the next level with worm composting. In addition to providing a fun and educational unit for the students they will learn the benefits to recycling their food to increase soil fertility, aid in pest resistance, improve soil structure and expand their garden. Moving forward with their garden they hope to be able to add wind mills, have a section for each grade level and bring more flowers into their butterfly garden.
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May 2015:
  • default_titleShawn O’Connor, Royal Palm School
    This sponsorship will support Royal Palm’s weekly staff yoga class. These funds will help purchase yoga mats and exercise straps for all participants. A certified yoga instructor will volunteer their time to help staff reduce stress and prevent injuries.
  • default_titleSusie Cox, Addison Mizner Elementary School
    This sponsorship will support Addison Mizner’s “Learn as our garden grows!” program. In an effort to teach and empower students and our children of the benefits to growing their own food and protecting the planet, Addison Mizner plans to integrate learning opportunities inside the classroom with teacher involvement. Future efforts include a “Garden to Cafeteria" program as well as an on-campus "Student Farmers Market". The funds will help purchase tools or a garden shed to store the garden equipment.
  • default_titleJoyel Loiz, Crossroads Academy
    This sponsorship will support “Jaguar Fit” which encompasses a variety of exercise and fitness activities throughout the school year. The funds will help to purchase equipment for both staff and student use, incentives and to assist with community wide health initiatives.
  • default_titleJacqueline Struthwolf, Diamond View Elementary School
    This sponsorship will support “Wonderfull” a 4-week program where staff members will substitute at least one meal, snack or drink a day for something healthier. Choices will be logged and turned in at the end for a prize. Funds will be used to purchase healthy snacks and drinks. The staff lounge will have a “drop off” station where employees will swap out an unhealthy choice for a healthier choice. The food that is dropped off will then be donated.
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PNC Bank, SunTrust Bank and Horace Mann were grateful for the opportunity to focus on financial wellness and provide this wellness program sponsorship. Congratulations Wellness Champions and thank you for inspiring healthy role models and a healthy school environment!!