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The 2015 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
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Our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

The UnitedHealthcare Diabetes Health Plan Plus integrates a series of condition-specific features for the diabetic member as well as members with high blood pressure/high cholesterol, with the powerful cost-saving, self-management provisions of a standard UnitedHealthcare plan design. The plan rewards adherence to diabetic preventive care by reducing financial and clinical barriers. This can help lower the risk of complications and overall health care costs. 10k members with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or hypertension and high cholesterol enrolled in DHP+

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  • default_title28% of those qualified for disease management became actively engaged
  • default_title3% increase in claim risk score
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  • default_title6% increases in claim score risk
  • default_title4% reduction in ER events
  • default_title4% reduction in PCP visits and 5% increase in specialist visits
  • default_title12% increase in prescription volume
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Consumer-Driven Health (CHD) Plan

We offer an alternative solution for large employers looking for the most cost-effective, high-quality health care plan possible. By their very design, Consumer-Driven Health plans engage consumers by imparting incentives, education, and the tools necessary to make informed decisions on the best ways to manage their own health care. The program is designed to transform “passive participants” into value-conscious consumers and is revolutionizing the health care industry. One tool that UHC offers is an online Health Cost Estimator. This integrated online calculator helps members review the quality and efficiency ratings of providers while estimating the cost of common treatments and procedures. Help your members know the 4 P’s when shopping for health care. Know their procedure, Know their provider, Know their price and Know the place.

Healthy Pregnancy/Baby Blocks

Get personalized help through pregnancy and delivery with the Healthy Pregnancy Program.

We want to help ensure you have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and a healthy baby. That’s why we created the Healthy Pregnancy Program. By seeing your doctor regularly, and by enrolling in our Healthy Pregnancy Program, which is provided at no additional cost, for UnitedHealthcare® plan members, you’ll have built-in support through every stage of your pregnancy

Baby Blocks is an interactive incentive program to encourage Moms to make and keep doctor appointments during their pregnancy and into the first two years of their baby’s life.

• Baby Blocks provides valuable gifts for meeting significant milestones that contribute to the health of mother and child. 2014 to current there are 55 enrolled in Baby Blocks

Wellness Rewards

UnitedHealthcare Health Rewards is an innovative incentive program designed to help members adopt healthy behavior as a way of life. Completion of specific health activities allows them to earn Wellness Rewards. Whatever stage of their health, Wellness Rewards may help them get healthy, stay healthy, or deal with an illness. Employees can earn up to $600 annually in premium incentives from the District.

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The # of members completing a health assessment in both periods:

  • default_titleMore than 88% of adults completing the health assessment know their numbers (10 point increase)
  • default_titleIncreased awareness of biometric values among health assessment repeated comparison members
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Live and Work Well

This is free, confidential, online access to your Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse, EAP, and WorkLife benefits, plus information and tools to help enhance well-being, work and life. delivers credible, timely, evidence-based content and tools for members who want to enrich their lives or get help with issues. This is total mind-body integration for a practical, low-cost approach to wellness.

Your members nurse liaison Gail Diedrick, RN, BSN, promotes the use of clinical programs, disease management, diabetes health plan and care management. The Nurse-at-Work program provides a registered nurse to:
  • default_titleIdentify and recommend medical-condition-specific programs
  • default_titleAssist in managing chronic illnesses by encouraging participation in our many care-or-disease management programs
  • default_titleEducate and help guide members in the Diabetes Health Plan to ensure engagement and compliance
  • default_titleHelp members understand available treatment options
  • default_titleMotivate and inspire members to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will promote optimal health and well-being
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Gail can be reached at (561) 434-7417, Monday through Friday
Of the 229 continuously enrolled employees engaged with Gail:
  • default_title86% completed all three activities with the incentive program
  • default_title19 point reduction in Disease Management unable to reach rate
  • default_title22 point reduction in Case Management unable to reach rate
  • default_title70% HbA1c screening compliance among diabetics continued
  • default_title3 point improvement among diabetics with a HbA1c result < 9%
  • default_title13% increase in PCP visits and 20% increase in prescription volume with Transportation employees
  • default_title1.3% increase in claim risk score
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UnitedHealthcare understands that cancer patients will face many challenges. We know the health care system is complicated and can be difficult to navigate. So we established a new program that provides a designated team of expert advisors to give our members valuable help and guidance. Our goal is to reduce the time and effort cancer patients may spend on insurance and paperwork allowing them to remain focused on what is most important: their health.

On-Site Representatives

Did you know that there are dedicated on-site UnitedHealthcare representatives available to assist members? Gaby Perez 561-434-8092. She is located in the Fulton-Holland building and is available during normal District hours.

The School District of Palm Beach County is dedicated to providing opportunities and resources for employees to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. These are just some of the many health benefit resources provided by UnitedHealthcare that will increase self-care and health awareness. More resources for employees and their families can be found at