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The 2015 Wellness Promotion Policy Annual Report
The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
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In the final months of each school year, the District encourages employees to complete a Needs Assessment. This is an opportunity to share opinions and provide feedback on district-wide health initiatives, including the wellness program and United Health Care’s Health Rewards. Since 2012, the overall results and personal feedback have heavily influenced the careful design of future initiatives.

Over 3,300 employees from 243 schools and departments completed this year’s assessment. A large extent of results indicate the District is on a correct course. Employees report they’re moving more, eating better and keeping their health in check. The study also revealed multiple opportunities where improvements are necessary. For example, the transition to an outcome-based reward structure wasn’t easy. The District and its partners can now focus on providing clarity, increased efficiency and proper execution in these areas.

How many hours do you exercise each week?
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Lunar Level Results
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The District is grateful for all of the feedback and is dedicated to making future initiatives more impactful.
The District is grateful for all of the feedback and is dedicated to making future initiatives more impactful.
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This program help me to discover a serious health problem and take care of it through regular check-ups with my physician. Prior to the program, I would not have been screened.

Because I was required to have blood work done, I found out that I have type 2 diabetes.

Routine blood work allowed my husband to deal with medical issues he was previously unaware of quickly. He has lost 25 pounds so far!

I've enjoyed finding other people within the school who value nutrition and exercise as much as I do.

It's a good program, but you have to try and let the doctors say what their patient’s blood work and weight should be. I communicated with my doctor on all the activities we did here for our UH Health wellness program.

Our Wellness Program this year has been FUN!! The activities we have done as a group were ideal for TEAM BUILDING!

I am making healthier food choices and attempting to exercise more. Since my job keeps me at a desk all day, I would really benefit from a "stand up" computer station where I could work without sitting so much.

I feel that the effort is made by the district. It sometimes can be confusing but usually helpful and interesting information is provided. I would like to participate, but time and scheduling is often my issue and between work and home/kids I don't feel like I have the time to do it so I opt out. I need to make more of an effort!

I think the Wellness program is a good idea. The texting of photos is difficult because taking a photo is not a main priority before/during/after a workout.

I like the fact that many people are getting involved in developing and maintaining a better health. From learning what to eat to choosing an exercise plan, we all are learning more about these topics.

I really enjoy doing the Hold It for the Holidays. I watched what I ate and it helped me help my husband watch his weight as well. We did very well over the holidays.

I see the doctor regularly but I have health conditions that don't fit into "one size fits all" rewards category. I do see that it may make people who don't regularly see a physician keep up with their health and increase job productivity.

Positive: Increased awareness of exercise and nutrition, discount for participation. Personally: now paranoid about my numbers being within the acceptable range, extra visits to the doctor.