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Meeting Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2005

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Call to Order

  1. Start Time -

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the National Anthem were led by:

Opening Remarks

Approve Board Minutes

  1. Board Meeting Minutes

(Disclosures by Board Members - Chairman: Do any board members have disclosures to make?)

Consent Agenda Items

1. Curriculum/Learning Support
  1. CLS1 Approval of Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program
  2. CLS2 Community Education Advertising Fee
  4. CLS4 Order Agreement with Cognos Corporation
2. Agreements/Contracts
  1. AC1 Cooperative Agreement with Nova Southeastern University
  3. AC3 Amendment to an Existing Agreement with Columbia Palms West Hospital
  4. AC4 Cooperative Agreement with Growing Together, Inc.
  5. AC5 Contract with the Arc of Palm Beach County
  6. AC6 Project Lead The Way, Inc., Lease Agreement
  7. AC7 Cooperative Agreement with Manatee Palms Youth Services
  8. AC8 Cooperative Agreement with Kids In New Directions, Inc.
3. Grants
  1. G1 Submission of Homeless Grant
  2. G2 Lake Park Safety Patrol Community Leadership Development Program Grant
  3. G3 Entitlement Grant with the Florida Department of Children and Families - Refugee Program
  4. G4 Title III No Child Left Behind Act/LEP/Immigrant Student Grant
  5. G5 2005-2006 Title I Migrant Education Grant
  6. G6 Extension to Rate Agreement with Family Central, Inc. for Subsidized Childcare
  7. G7 Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund Grant
4. Charter Schools
  1. CS1 Public Charter Schools Federal Grant Program 2005-2008 Planning, Program Design, & Initial Impl
5. Transportation
  1. T1 Consider Donation of Surplus Buses
  2. T2 Contracted Individual Transportation
6. Personnel
  1. PD1 Personnel Agenda
  2. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
7. Program Management
  1. PM1 Educational Specification for Palm Beach Gardens Elementary
  2. PM2 Educational Specification for Palm Beach Gardens High
  3. PM3 Project Modifications for Palm Springs Middle School
  4. PM4 Project Modifications for Palm Springs Elementary
  5. PM5 Project Modifications for Palm Beach Public
8. Purchasing
  1. P1 Textbooks from “A Book Company LLC”
  2. P2 MultiVisor Emergency RF Locator System
  3. P3 ITN 05C-002R for Communications Tower
  4. P4 Apple Hardware and Software Products
  5. P5 Debarment of Jostens, Inc.
  6. P6 Contract with Herff Jones, Inc.
  7. P7 Agreement for Athletic Trainers for FY06
9. Purchasing/Construction
  1. CP1 Construction Mgmt at Risk for Palm Beach Gardens H. S.
  2. CP2 New and Renewal of Pre-Qualified Vendors
10. Leasing Corporation
  1. Adjourn School Board Meeting - Convene Leasing Corporation - Item #1
  2. Reconvene School Board Meeting - Swaptions Item #2
11. Consultant Contracts
  1. CC1 Consultant Contract for Nova Southeastern University
  2. CC2 Consultant Contract for Conflict Resolution Analysis Inc
  3. CC3 Consultant Contract for Glass Productions Inc
  4. CC4 Consultant Contract for Jeff Bridges
  5. CC5 Consultant Contract for Timothy Lee
  6. CC6 Consultant Contract for Mondo Publishing
  7. CC7 Consultant Contract for Eric Temme
  8. CC8 Consultant Contract for Julio Echeverri
  9. CC9 Consultant Contract Amendment for Housing Partnership
  10. CC 10 Consultant Contract Amendment for Childrens Home Society of Florida
  11. CC11 Consultant Contract Amendment for Community Child Care Center
  12. CC12 Consultant Contract Amendment for Pleasant City Faith Based Community Dev
  13. CC13 Consultant Contract Amendment for For the Children, Inc.
  14. CC14 Consultant Contract for Richard E Durr
  15. CC15 Consultant Contract for Lane Carlee
  16. CC16 Consultant Contract to Approve Amendment to Legal Advisor Consultant Contract
12. Budget
  1. B1 Budget Amendments – May 2005
  2. B2 Advertisement of the FY2006 Tentative District Budget
13. Financial Management
  1. FM1 Disposition of Tangible Personal Property
  2. FM2 May 31, 2005 Interim Financial Statements
  3. FM3 School Internal Accounts Signature Authorization
  4. FM4 Auditor General's Reports
14. Insurance
  2. IN2 High School Interscholastic Athletic Insurance & Student Catastrophic Accident Insurance


  1. Palm Beach Community College Employer of the Year Award
  2. The Most A's Ever In Palm Beach County
  3. Florida's Blood Centers
  4. Career Ed Team

Naming of Schools

Student Government Report: Student Representative

  1. None

Delegations/Individual Appearances & Reports

  1. Agenda Item Speakers

Approval of Consent Agenda

Committee Report

  1. Audit Committee Report
  2. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC)
  3. Finance Committee Report
  4. Superintendent's Report

Unfinished Business

  1. None

Policy review

Legal Review


New Business

Non-Agenda Speakers

  1. Time Certain 8:00 p.m.

Board Discussion Item

  1. Early Childhood Centers - Lynch
  2. CPR Training - Lynch
  3. Leasing of School Facilities - Graham
  4. Retaining Letter Grades on Report Cards - Benaim
  5. Preparation for the FY06 Legislative Session - Burdick
  6. Performance Audit - Robinson
  7. Interlocal Agreement - Robinson


  1. The meeting adjourned at:

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