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Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Call to Order

  1. Start Time -

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were led by:

Opening Remarks

Approve Board Minutes

  1. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

(Disclosures by Board Members - Chairman: Do any board members have disclosures to make?)

Consent Agenda Items

1. Curriculum/Learning Support
  1. CL1 Memorandum of Agreement with MetaMetrics, Inc.
  2. CL2 2005 Graduation Agreements with 3 locations
  3. CL3 2005 Florida Migrant Parent Advisory Council Grant
  4. CL4 Confirming Cooperative Agreement with Tequesta HMA, Inc. DBA Sandy Pines for Student CB
  5. CL5 Confirming Cooperative Agreement with Tequesta HMA, Inc., for Student AL
  6. CL6 Cooperative Agreement with Manatee Palms Youth Services
  7. CL7 School Age Child Care Program Fees
  8. CL8 Supplemental Agreement with DCF
  9. CL9 Data Sharing Interagency Agreement with the Children’s Services Council
2. Agreements/Contracts
  1. AC1 Partnership Agreement with Junior Achievement
  2. AC2 Agreement with ARAMARK
3. Grants
  1. G1 The Picower Foundation Grant for Single School Culture for Academics
  2. G2 The Picower Foundation Grant for School-within-a-School Choice Programs and Pre-Advanced Placeme
4. Charter Schools
  1. CS1 3rd Amendment to Charter for Delray Youth Vocational Charter School
  2. CS2 Charter for Academy for Creative Education
  3. CS3 Charter for Goodwill L.I.F.E. Academy
  4. CS4 Charter for Goodwill TRANSITION ACADEMY
  5. CS5 Charter for Life Skills Center of Palm Beach
  6. CS6 Application and Charter for Leadership Academy West
  7. CS7 Charter for New Vision Academy
  8. CS8 Charter for Palm Beach Military Academy
  9. CS9 2nd Year Implementation Grant for Palm Beach School for Autism
5. Personnel
  1. PD1 Supplement for Registered Dietitians
  2. PD2 Personnel Agenda
  3. PD3 Master In-Service Plan
  4. PD4 Personnel Addendum
6. Program Management
  1. PM1 Project Modifications for Lantana Elementary
  2. PM2 Retainage for Roosevelt Elementary
  3. PM3 Project Modifications for Seminole Ridge High
  4. PM4 Retainage for West Boca Raton High
  5. PM5 Project Modification and Retainage for Don Estridge
7. Real Estate
8. Purchasing
  1. P1 RFP for Relocatable Modular Classroom Buildings
  2. P2 RFP 03C-016B for Child / Adolescent Psychiatric Services
  3. P3 RFP 05C-005N for Indoor Air Quality Services
9. Purchasing/Construction
  1. CP1 Architectural Agreement for Glades Central High School Academy/West Tech
  2. CP2 Guaranteed Maximum Price for Congress MS Modernization
  3. CP3 Pre-Qualify Vendors for Construction Bidding Opportunities
10. Consultant Contracts
  1. CC1 Consultant Contract for The Efficacy Institute Inc
  2. CC2 Consultant Contract for Candace Lacey Ph D
  3. CC3 Consultant Contract for Chapman Schewe of Florida LLC
11. Budget
  1. B1 Budget Amendments – February 2005
12. Financial Management
  1. FM1. Disposition of Tangible Personal Property
  2. FM2. Interim Financial Statements for the Eight Month Period Ending February 28, 2005
  3. FM3. The School District of Palm Beach County School Internal Accounts Signature Authorization
  4. FM4. Financial and Federal Single Audit Report - Auditor General
13. Insurance
  1. IN1 - Workers' Compensation Settlement/LB 131532
  2. IN2 - Workers' Compensation /HG 134679
  3. IN3 - Auto Liability Settlement - Brian Horn 134399
  4. IN4 - Workers' Compensation /MH 126075
  5. IN5 General Liability Settlement/ Fernando Cerrato


  1. Atlantic High School Andre Johnson State Wrestling Champion
  2. Samta Khanna West Gate Elementary National Education Award Winner
  3. Superintendent's Efficiency and Effectiveness Awards
  4. William T. Dwyer High School State Basketball Champions
  5. America's Young Heroes
  6. Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust Week
  7. Dreyfoos and Suncoast Advanced Placement Students
  8. After-School Step Program

Naming of Schools

  1. None

Student Government Report: Student Representative

Delegations/Individual Appearances & Reports

  1. Elected Officials
  2. Delegations
  3. Agenda Item Speakers

Approval of Consent Agenda

Committee Report

  1. Audit Committee Report
  2. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC) Report
  3. Finance Committee Report
  4. Superintendent's Report

Unfinished Business

  1. NSBA Call to Action - Burdick

Policy review

Legal Review


New Business

Non-Agenda Speakers

  1. Speakers:

Board Discussion Item

  1. Intramural Sports vs. Team Sports - Benaim
  2. Dual Enrollment Arrangement - Robinson
  3. Criminal Justice System - Robinson
  4. Pre-Prom Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign at Palm Beach Lakes - Robinson
  5. Problems with E-Agenda - Robinson
  6. School Undercover Police Operations - Benaim
  7. Premier Programs or Flagship Schools - Benaim
  8. Half-Cent Sales Tax Collections - Benaim


  1. Adjourned at:

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