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Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2007

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Call to Order

  1. Convene:

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and National Anthem were led by:

Opening Remarks

  1. Welcome by Chairman Graham.

Approve Board Minutes

  1. None

(Disclosures by Board Members - Chairman: Do any board members have disclosures to make?)

  1. None

Consent Agenda Items

1. Agreements/Contracts
  1. AC1-Edline LLC Purchase Agreement
  2. AC2-Consider Approval of the Amendment to the Communications Tower Lease Agreement
  3. AC3-FY 2007 Summer Graduation Agreement with one vendor
  4. AC4-Agreement with Palm Healthcare Foundation Inc.
  5. AC5-Memorandum of Understanding between the School District of Palm Beach County and North East Flor
  6. AC6-Articulation Agreement between School District of Palm Beach County and Xavier University School
  7. AC7-Non-Renewal of the Contract between the School Board of Palm Beach County and WHLS of Florida, L
2. Grants
  1. G1-Grants to Reduce Alcohol Abuse
  2. G2-State of Florida Department of Education Alternative Education Public-Private Partnerships Grant
  3. G3-State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Office of Prevention and Victim Services Peer Med
  4. G4-State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Office of Prevention and Victim Services Delinque
3. Charter Schools
  1. CS-1 Consider Approval of the Renewal Application of JFK Medical Center Charter School
4. Transportation
  1. T1 Contracted Individual Transportation
5. Personnel
  1. PD1-Master Inservice
  2. PD2 - Personnel Agenda
  3. PD3 - Personnel Addendum
6. Planning
  1. PL1 - Interlocal Agreement for Covered Walkways at Manatee Elementary School
  2. PL2 - Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Jupiter
7. Program Management
  1. Project Modification Chart FYI Informational Chart ONLY
  2. PM1 Palm Springs Middle Project Modifications
  3. PM2 PBG Area ES (03-X) Project Modifications
8. Real Estate
  1. RE-1 Wynnebrook Elementary Modernization
9. Purchasing
  1. P1 Approve 07C-005B RFP for Health Screening Services and Drug & Alcohol Testing
  2. P2 Approve renewal of 04C-014B RFP for Physical and Occupational Therapy Services
10. Purchasing/Construction
  1. CP-1 CM at Risk Agreement for Jupiter Farms Area Middle School 03-NN
  2. CP-2 CM at Risk Agreement for Palm Beach Lakes High Addition and Academy
  3. CP-3 CM at Risk Agreement for School Food Service Build-Out
  4. CP-4 Amend the CM Agreement for Meadow Park ES
  5. CP-5 Renewal of Castaldi Reporting Services
  6. CP-6 Renewal of Structural Engineering on Continuing Contract
  7. CP-7 Renewal of Survey Engineering on Continuing Contract
  8. CP-8 New and Renewal of Prequalifications
11. Consultant Contracts
  1. CC1 Consultant Contract for Smile Youth Services, Inc.
  2. CC2 Consultant Contract for Mr. Mike Raffone, Inc.
  3. CC3A & B Consultant Contract for Wilson Language Training
  4. CC4 Consultant Contract for Philip Dvorak
  5. CC5 Amendment for Myriam Delgado Bonilla
  6. CC6 Consultant Contract for Ralph J Milone
  7. CC7 Amendment to Consultant Contract with Nason, Yeager, Gerson, White and Lioce, P.A.
  8. CC8 Consultant Contract for Canady Consulting, Inc.
  9. CC9 Consultant Contract for American Program Bureau
12. Budget
  1. B1 Budget Amendments February 2007
13. Financial Management
  1. FM1 Internal Accounts Signature Authorization
  2. FM2 First Quarter Interim Financial Statements
14. Insurance
  1. IN1 Workers' Compensation / AB 127414
  2. IN2 Workers' Compensation /OF 545709
  3. IN3 Workers' Compensation PJ #12749
15. Labor Agreements/Contracts
  1. LA1-Tentative Agreement between PBCSD and NCF&O


  1. Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust Week
  2. Law Day
  3. Health Care District & Health Department-School Nurses
  4. Schools Win State Design Awards
  5. Riviera Beach Maritime Academy
  6. Bioscience Career and Education Month

Naming of Schools

  1. Consider naming of Oak Grove Academy

Student Government Report: Student Representative

  1. Student Government Report by:

Delegations/Individual Appearances & Reports

  1. Elected Officials:
  2. Delegations:
  3. Agenda Item Speakers:

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Consent Agenda

Committee Report

  1. Audit Committee Report:
  2. Construction Oversight and Review Committee (CORC):
  3. Finance Committee Report:
  4. Superintendent's Report:

Unfinished Business

  1. None

Policy review

  1. None

Legal Review

  1. None


  1. None

New Business

Non-Agenda Speakers

  1. Time Certain 7:00 p.m.

Board Discussion Item

  1. Polk County Wellness Report - Hansen
  2. After and Out-of -School Activities - Robinson
  3. Sub. Teacher Finger Printing/Background Check Costs - Kanjian
  4. Title I Policy Changes - Kanjian
  5. Legislative Session Update - Burdick
  6. Certificate of Completion and the 13th Year of Education - Robinson


  1. Time:

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