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Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 08, 2004

spacer graphic spacer graphic spacer graphic spacer graphic PALM BEACH COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING DECEMBER 2004

Call to Order

  1. The meeting began at 5:10 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and National Anthem

Opening Remarks

  1. Opening Comments - Tom Lynch

Approve Board Minutes

  1. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

(Disclosures by Board Members - Chairman: Do any board members have disclosures to make?)

  1. Disclosures - None

Consent Agenda Items

1. Curriculum/Learning Support
  1. Approve William T. Dwyer High School's Choral Department's Trip to London
  2. Approve Independence Middle School's 6th Grade Science Students' Trip to Costa Rica
  3. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  4. Final Expenditures to Discover Palm Beach County, Inc.
  5. Approval of Contract for Pre-Kindergarten Center Based Program
2. Agreements/Contracts
  1. PBCC America Reads Challenge Program
  2. MOU Between CTA, NCF&O, PBA, and AESOP Regarding Medical Plans
  3. Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Grant for Belle Glade Elem
3. Grants
  1. Sisterhood Program at Village Academy Elementary School
  2. Brotherhood Program at Village Academy Elementary School
  3. Dissemination Grant Application for Renaissance Learning Center
  4. Implementation Grant for Project C.H.I.L.D. To Cypress Trails Elementary
  5. Voluntary Public School Choice Mentor District Project Grant
4. Transportation
5. Personnel
  2. Personnel Agenda
6. Planning
  1. Interlocal Agreement - School Board, Palm Beach County & City of Greenacres for 03-KK
7. Program Management
  1. Educational Specifications for Boynton Beach High
  2. Project Modifications for William T. Dwyer
  3. Reduction of Retainage for Osceola Creek Middle
  4. Reduction of Retainage for Pierce Hammock
  5. Project Modifications for Boca Raton Middle
8. Real Estate
  1. Agreement for Sale of Property to the City of Belle Glade
9. Purchasing
  1. ProQuest Information & Learning Company
  2. Debarment of Artco Bell
  3. RFP 02C-001S for Underwriters
  4. Purchase of Pearson Digital Learning
10. Purchasing/Construction
  1. Amendment to James B. Pirtle Const. for John I Leonard
  2. Amendment to James B. Pirtle Const. for Seminole Ridge
  3. New Prequalified Vendors and Renewal of Prequalified Vendors
  4. Reject All Bids for an Exterior Painting Bid
11. Consultant Contracts
  1. Consultant Contract with Dick Reed
  2. Consultant Contract with Robert Litt
  3. Consultant Contract with Carlton Newton
  4. Consultant Contract with Miriam Warren
  5. Consultant Contract with Institute for School Innovation
  6. Consultant Contract Amendment with Glass Productions, Inc.
  7. Consultant Contract with Olivia Rogers
12. Budget
  1. Budget Amendments - October 2004
13. Financial Management
  1. Signers for School Internal Funds Bank Accounts
  2. October 2004 Monthly Financial Statements
  3. KPMG Management Letter for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2004
  4. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report June 30, 2004
14. Insurance


  1. Red Ribbon Week-Student Contest Winners
  2. 2004 USDA Best Practice Award
  3. The League of Educational Awareness of the Holocaust
  4. Bhetty Waldron - Nationally Acclaimed Teacher and Actress

Naming of Schools

  1. Naming of Schools - None

Student Government Report: Student Representative

Delegations/Individual Appearances & Reports

  1. Auditor General Report on Significant Findings and Financial Trends
  2. Elected Officials
  3. Delegations
  4. Agenda Speakers

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Approve Consent Agenda

Audit Committee Report

Unfinished Business

Policy review

Legal Review

  1. Retainer Extension, Randall Burks


  1. Expulsions
  2. Expulsions
  3. Expulsions
  4. Expulsions
  5. Expulsions
  6. Expulsions

New Business

1. Curriculum/Learning Support
  1. Agreement with the Prevention Partnerships for Children, Inc.
  2. School Advisory Council
  3. School Improvement Plans
  4. Approval of Contract for Pre-Kindergarten School Based Programs
2. Grants
  1. Reading Coach and Mathematics Coach Grant
3. Charter Schools
  1. Seven Charter School Applications
4. Personnel
  1. Personnel Addendum #1
  2. Personnel Addendum #2
5. Agreements/Contracts
  1. Cooperative Agreements with 15 Agencies
6. Program Management
  1. Final Payment for Palm Beach Gardens High
  2. Final for Pleasant City
  3. Project Modifications for Forest Hill Community High
7. Real Estate
  1. Highland Elementary - Real Estate Purchase Contract for Acquisition of Property
  2. Highland Elementary - Real Estate Purchase Contract for Acquisition of Property
  3. Interlocal Agreement with Palm Beach Gardens
  4. Northboro Elementary - Real Estate Purchase Contract for Acquisition of Property
8. Purchasing
  1. Processing of Commodity Pork
  2. Agreement with School Bus Media, Inc.
  3. RFP 04C-027N, Academy Marketing Plan
9. Purchasing/Construction
  1. Amendment to The Weitz Company for W.T. Dwyer

Non-Agenda Speakers

Board Discussion Item

  1. Vending Machines
  2. Historic Courthouse
  3. Council of Urban Boards of Education CUBE Annual Dues
  4. Health Fair and Smoking Cessation for District Employees
  5. Discussion of Youth Violence
  6. 59th Florida School Board Association Conference
  7. Achievement Matters for All
  8. Commemoration of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  9. Indoor Air Quality Committee


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