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Meeting Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Call to Order

  1. Convene:

Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem were led by:

Opening Remarks

  1. Mr. Graham made opening remarks.

Approve Board Minutes

  1. None

(Disclosures by Board Members - Chairman: Do any board members have disclosures to make?)

  1. None

Consent Agenda Items

1. Agreements/Contracts
  1. AC1-SES Services Agreement
  2. AC2-Contract with the Arc of Palm Beach County
  3. AC3-Contract with the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc.
  4. AC4-Contract with the Palm Beach Marine Institute
  5. AC5-Contract with the Practical Academic Cultural Education, PACE Center for Girls, Inc.
  6. AC6-Consider Approval of the Agreement to Provide Law Enforcement Services and Alarm Monitoring
  7. AC7-Consider Approval of the Agreement to Provide Law Enforcement Services and Alarm Monitoring
  8. AC8-Cooperative Agreement with Easter Seals Florida, Inc.
  9. AC9-Cooperative Agreement with the Rehabilitation Center for Children and Adults, Inc.
  10. AC10-Cooperative Agreement with the Habilitation Center for the Handicapped, Inc.
  11. AC11-Cooperative Agreement with The Agency for Health Care Administration
  12. AC12-Cooperative Agreement with SP Behavioral, LLC, DBA Sandy Pines
  13. AC13-Cooperative Agreement with Carlton Palms Educational Center
  14. AC14 - Cooperative Agreement with the PBC Sheriff's Office's Eagle Academy
  15. AC15 - Second Amendment to the Cooperative Agreement with C.L.A.S.S. of Palm Beach County, Inc.
2. Grants
  1. G1-Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund Grant for Glades Area Elementary Schools
  2. G2-Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund grant awarded to Greenacres Elementary
  3. G3-Title III No Child Left Behind Act ELL Student Education Program Grant
  4. G4-Title I Migrant, Part C - Improving Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
  5. G5-2007-2008 Consolidated Grant Application for Selected Federal Programs
  6. G6-Mary and Robert Pew Public Education fund grant for Belvedere Elementary
  7. G7-Mary and Robert Pew Public Grant - Lucy Calkins Writers Workshop Affiliate School Project
  8. G8-Pew Foundation Administrative Incentive Grant
  9. G9-Adult Education and Family Literacy- Adult General Education Grant
  10. G10-Adult Ed. and Family Literacy - English Literacy/Civics Education Grant
  11. G11-Contract for the Purchase of Professional or Technical Services with the PBC Literacy Coalition
  12. G12-Contract with the PBC Literacy Coalition for the Adult Ed and Family Literacy - English Literacy
  13. G13-Adult Ed and Family Literacy- Literacy Education for Households Grant
  14. G14-Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) Project Grant
  15. G15-Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part B, and Part B Pre-Kindergarten Grants
  16. G16-Mary and Robert Pew Public Education Fund for Rosenwald Elementary School
  17. G17-Prime Time Palm Beach County Newspaper Project Grant
  18. G18-Prime Time Palm Beach County Community Service Learning Grant
  19. G19-Florida Learn and Serve Grants
  20. G20-Pew Public Education Fund Summer Science Camp for Pine Grove Elementary
  21. G21-Tobacco Prevention and Intervention Teacher Training Project
  23. G23-Champs Afterschool Enrichment Program
  24. G24-Just Read, Florida Intervention Research Grant
3. Charter Schools
  1. CS1 - Amendment to June 2006 Charter Agreement for Glades Academy of Agricultural & Ecological Studi
  2. CS2 - Amendment to June 2006 Charter Agreement for Hope Learning Community of Riviera Beach, Inc. (d
  3. CS3 - Consider Approval of the Renewal Application for Everglades Preparatory Academy Charter School
4. Transportation
  1. T1 Contracted Individual Transportation
  2. T2 Board of County Commissioners (Funding Agreement)
  3. T3 Consider Disposal of Salvage and Surplus Vehicles
5. Personnel
  1. PD1-Personnel Agenda
  2. PD2 - Personnel Addendum
6. Program Management
  1. Project Modification Chart – FYI Informational Chart ONLY
  2. PM1 Educational Specification for Elementary School 05-C
  3. PM2 Educational Specification for Manatee Elementary
  4. PM3 Palm Beach Lakes HS Project Modifications
  5. PM4 Palm Beach Lakes HS Project Modifications
  6. PM5 Sandpiper Shores ES Project Modifications
  7. PM6 William T. Dwyer HS Project Modifications
  8. PM7 Starlight Cove Elementary School Project Modifications
  9. PM8 Lake Worth MS School Project Modifications
  10. PM9 Palm Springs ES Project Modifications
  11. PM10 Panther Run ES School Project Modifications
  12. PM11 Panther Run ES Project Modifications
  13. PM12 Liberty Park ES Project Modifications
7. Real Estate
  1. RE-1 Delray Full Service/Palm Beach County Head Start Lease Agreement
8. Building Department
  1. BD1 Comprehensive Safety Inspection Report
9. Purchasing
  1. P1 Certified Athletic Trainers for FY 08
  2. P2 Maintenance Agreement with Advanced Data Systems
  3. P3 Approve 07C-007B RFP for Sign Language/ Oral/Cued Speech Interpreters/Transliterators
  4. P4 Approve 07C-011B RFP for Speech and Language Services
  5. P5 Approve 07C-006B RFP for Nursing Services
  6. P6 Repair of heavy duty Rotary Lifts at Transportation Compounds
  7. P7 Approve 03C-015B RFP Extension for Speech and Language Therapy Services
  8. P8 - McAfee Software and Maintenance Negotiated Agreement
10. Purchasing/Construction
  1. CP-1 CM at Risk Agreement for Plumosa Elementary School Modernization
  2. CP-2 CM at Risk Agreement for West Palm Beach Area ES 06-D
  3. CP-3 CM at Risk Agreement for West Tech Educational Center
  4. CP-4 Amend the CM Agreement for Banyan Creek Elementary School Addition
  5. CP-5 Amend the CM Agreement for West Boynton Area Elementary (03-Z)
  6. CP-6 Renewal of Roofing Contractor Services
  7. CP-7 New and Renewal of Prequalification
11. Consultant Contracts
  1. CC 1 Consultant Contract for Edify LLC
  2. CC 2 Consultant Contract for PlayImage, Inc.
  3. CC 3 Consultant Contract for Suzanne Miller
  4. CC 4 Consultant Contract for Susan Knight
  5. CC 5A -B Consultant Contract for Mondo Publishing
  6. CC 6A-C Consultant Contract for Nova Southeastern University
  7. CC 7 Consultant Contract for Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees
  8. CC 8 Consultant Contract for James P. Brown
  9. CC 9 Consultant Contract for Capital City Consulting, LLC
  10. CC 10 Consultant Contract for Katheryn W. Gemberling
  11. CC 11 Consultant Contract for Bonnie Valdes Consulting Services, Inc.
  12. CC 12 Consultant Contract for Center for Nonprofit Excellence
12. Budget
  1. B1 Budget Amendments - April 2007
13. Financial Management
  2. FM2 - Consider Approval to Submit the District's Self-Assessment of the Safety and Security Best Pra
14. Insurance
  2. IN2 Workers' Compensation MD #642752


  1. Jacob Abrams-First Place Florida History Fair
  2. SUNSPRA Sunshine Medallion Award Winners
  3. Diana Handwerker-Humane Society Teen of the Year
  4. Superintendent's Efficiency and Effectiveness Awards
  5. Jeffrey Haskel-Chess Champion

Naming of Schools

  1. None

Student Government Report: Student Representative

  1. None

Delegations/Individual Appearances & Reports

  1. Elected Officials
  2. Delegations:
  3. Agenda Item Speakers:

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Consent Agenda

Committee Report

  1. Audit Committee Report:
  2. Construction Oversight and Review Committee Report (CORC):
  3. Finance Committee Report:
  4. Superintendent's Report:
  5. FSBA Resolution

Unfinished Business

  1. None

Policy review

  1. None

Legal Review

  1. None


  1. None

New Business

Non-Agenda Speakers

  1. Time Certain 7:00 p.m.

Board Discussion Item

  1. Report on Soda - Hansen
  2. Community use of School Facilities - Kanjian
  3. Dress Guidelines - Robinson
  4. Guidance Counselors - Robinson


  1. Time:

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